NSPM Initial Certification

Consistent with the NBCRNA's mission, the NSPM subspecialty certification ​promotes patient safety by enhancing provider quality and encourages provider lifelong learning. Through the process of obtaining the NSPM credential, the NSPM practitioner is able to demonstrate his or her advanced knowledge and skills in the subspecialty area.


Unrestricted licensure as a RN and/or APRN, as applicable.

Certification Status               

Current full recertification as a nurse anesthetist.

Clinical Experience         

Two years of nurse anesthesia clinical experience by the time of NSPM application.


Attest to being actively engaged in nurse anesthesia clinical practice.


Evidence of completion of education activity in each of the following areas within the immediate four years prior to the date of application:

  • anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of pain
  • safety and equipment
  • assessment, diagnosis and plan of care
  • pharmacology
  • interventional pain strategies
  • professional aspects

Clinical Competence         

Three (3) letters of support from professional colleagues who have observed the practitioner's NSPM technique and/or outcomes describing:

  • evidence of competence in patient evaluation and findings
  • NSPM techniques
  • safe needle placement
  • post-care assessment

Skills Assessment         

Successful completion of an assessed NSPM cadaver or an assessed NSPM simulation course. 


Successful completion of the NSPM subspecialty certification examination.