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New NBCRNA Executive Committee Elected
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ERAC’s Edwin Aroke was awarded the John F. Garde Researcher of the Year Award by the AANA Foundation.
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Why Your Credential Matters

Despite a shifting economy and ever-changing job expectations, the strong CRNA credential continues to be recognized as validation of knowledge in the nurse anesthesia profession.

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Video: In Motion

In the rapidly changing and increasingly complex nurse anesthesia practice environment, there is great demand for practitioners to remain updated in knowledge, understanding, and skills. The NBCRNA is continually working to strengthen the nurse anesthesia credential and position the profession well for the future. See More at our Youtube channel!

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Nancy Christiano, DNAP, CRNA
VA Long Beach Healthcare System

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

The CRNA credential represents the high standards that all CRNAs are expected to function at, and displays accountability to the public.

Anne Marie Remy, CRNA
Puerto Rico Association of Nurse Anesthetists

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

The CRNA credential is independence to offer the best of care to our patients based on their safety, and offer them personalized service seeing them holistically, emotionally, physically, and with a smile to let them know they are in good hands. As a leader I am proud to offer my time to my fellow colleagues to help them grow, and to protect them in times of needs and changes.  

Thomas Pallaria, DNP, CRNA
Program Director
Rutgers University Nurse Anesthesia Program

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

Throughout my career the CRNA credential represents advocacy: advocacy for our patients, for our scope of practice, and for the education of the next generation of CRNAs. 

Lanny Coker, DNSc, CRNA
Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

The CRNA credential validates my competency and right to practice as a professional. It reassures the public that they have a certified and competent provider at the head of the OR table. It makes a great public statement for the profession. 

Delphos E. Price Jr., MSNB, CRNA, APRN
CRNA Staff
OutPatient Anesthesia Specialists- Wilmington, DE

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

The nurse anesthesia credential means that I am one of the most qualified anesthesia experts in health care today! CRNAs are the “top Gun” of APRNs due to our education and clinical experience during school and practice.

Jennifer Brady, DNP, CRNA
Staff Nurse Anesthetist
Fort Campbell, KY

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

"Maintaining CRNA credentials helps support our profession and visibility of the important work we do. We provide not only safe care to our patients but care on an unparalleled level. Nurses are consistently the most trusted profession, and I’m honored to do it at an advanced level.

Michael E. Conti, PhD, CRNA
Assistant Program Director, Assistant Professor
Emory University

What does the CRNA credential mean to you?

The CRNA credential has afforded me the privilege to provide anesthesia care services to patients and to teach what I love to do. I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Unwavering Focus on Patient Safety

The National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) is the nation's certifying body for the initial and continued certification for the more than 55,000 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. The NBCRNA is dedicated to promoting patient safety by enhancing provider quality in the field of nurse anesthesia. We accomplish our mission through the development and implementation of credentialing programs that support lifelong learning among nurse anesthetists. .

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