The mission of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) is to promote patient safety through credentialing programs that support lifelong learning.


The vision of the NBCRNA is to be recognized as the leader in advanced practice nurse credentialing.

Core Values


A foundation built by doing the right things- especially when nobody is looking.  In the advanced practice nursing community, the NBCRNA is highly respected.  For many, we are an exemplar in the credentialing community - for our programs, our innovation and our commitment to life-long learning and safety.  Other regulators, especially state boards of nursing, respect our rigor and dedication to continued competence assessment, as well as the established elements of our programs and processes.  


All 52 state boards of nursing trust in the processes of the NBCRNA. Trust is the residue of promises kept and the NBCRNA has a long and stable track record of regulatory excellence and keeping our promises to the public as the basis of our trust. We maintain two separate external accreditations, not because that is required, but because together they promote excellence by establishing standards with a common fund of focus as well as two individually different focuses. This synergy sets organizational expectations for the NBCRNA that strengthen the credential and reinforce the trust that other regulators place in us. 


Because of earned respect and trust, the NBCRNA’s credentials…YOUR credential, are universally recognized, respected and trusted throughout the United States. Your CRNA credential is accepted because of the standards established, and upheld, by the NBCRNA.  It is this recognition that affords you entrée to your practice of the art and science of nurse anesthesia. Without this recognition, which once earned has to be maintained, CRNAs could potentially have to test separately in each state where they wanted to practice, comply with licensure requirements that were vastly differently and considerably more complicated and onerous than today, and have their role individually defined by each board of nursing. While some minimal variations do exist from state to state, due to variations with state laws, these differences could be vastly exaggerated without the trust, respect and recognition the NBCRNA has achieved.  This trust, respect and recognition is directly related to the credential requirements that have been developed and maintained by the NBCRNA…for the benefit of all CRNAs who hold our certification.


All of these values lead to one very important conclusion…protection for your credential and protection for your ability to be recognized as a CRNA.  That protection of you, your credential and the public is our sole reason for existing, and determines everything we do.