NBCRNA Certificant Elected Director

Voting is Now Open for the Certificant Elected Director April 4 – April 19, 2024 

The NBCRNA Board of Directors includes two CRNA directors elected by the CRNA population. The Certificant Elected Director (CED) serves as a full member of the NBCRNA Board of Directors with all rights and responsibilities. The initial three-year term for the CRNA elected during this voting period will start in October 2024.

The NBCRNA opened voting to all CRNAs on April 4, 2024, and will remain open through April 19, 2024

How to Vote:

All currently certified CRNAs will be sent an email on April 4, 2024, directly from the company conducting the online election on behalf of the NBCRNA. The email will come from announcement@associationvoting.com, and will include individualized access to the voting platform. Please check your inbox and spam folders. The login information is individualized, allows for a single vote, and should not be shared. An additional reminder email with the unique link will be sent on April 11, 2024.  


2023-2024 CED Election Timeline

December 13, 2023: 

CED Application Deadline. 

January 29 – February 1, 2024:

Conduct phone interviews with selected applicants for Certificant Elected Director.

April 4 – 19, 2024: 

Voting opens for Certificant-Elected Director

June 2024: 

Results posted to the NBCRNA website.



  • Q What are the requirements for applicants for certificant elected Director?

    Applicants will be nurse anesthetists who have at least five years of nurse anesthesia experience.

  • Q Are the responsibilities of a nurse anesthetist Director elected by all nurse anesthetists different from those of a nurse anesthetist elected by the NBCRNA Board of Directors?

    No. Regardless of how a Director is elected, he or she will serve as a full member of the NBCRNA Board of Directors with all rights and responsibilities. The Director will be asked to serve on at least one Board committee and may be assigned additional duties by the President.

  • Q Are candidates able to publicize their candidacy to the certificant community at large?

    Because its primary mission is to serve the public, the NBCRNA is striving for a structured and discreet process. The NBCRNA expects Board members to be elected based on their qualifications.