60 Class A credits are required per 4-year cycle

What are Class A Credits?

Class A credits are continuing education (CE) credits. You earn them by participating in CE courses or activities that sharpen your skills and grow your knowledge—so you can keep delivering the quality patient care you take pride in.

Class A Credit Criteria

To count as Class A credits, CE activities must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Be prior approved by an accredited organization authorized to approve continuing education. (e.g. AANA, ANCC, ACGME)
  2. Include an assessment, such as self-assessment, polling, case studies, simulations, or post-tests.
  3. Be relevant to nurse anesthesia practice or the improvement of the delivery of anesthesia care to patients.

Any Class A credits you earn over the required minimum of 60 may be used to fulfill your Class B credit requirements.

testimonial_06Class A Credit Examples


Vendor must be prior approved by an accredited organization authorized to approved continuing education.


If you are an AANA member, your completed Class A credits will automatically be reported to the NBCRNA.

If you do not have automatic credit transfer from the AANA, you will need to report credits directly to the NBCRNA as a part of your Renewal of Certification application process every four years. To learn more, read the CE documentation guidelines.