Self-Evaluation Examination (SEE) Resources

The NBCRNA Self-Evaluation Examination (SEE) is voluntary and has three objectives:

  1. to provide information to students about their progress in the nurse anesthesia educational program;
  2. to provide information to program administrators on how well their programs are preparing students with the knowledge they need for anesthesia practice; and
  3. to prepare students for the National Certification Examination (NCE) experience.

To meet these objectives, the examination has specifications similar to those of the NCE, is administered under secure conditions, and has a reporting system designed to provide maximum feedback to students and program administrators. Although specifications similar to the NCE are used for the SEE, successful completion of the SEE does not guarantee a passing score on the NCE.

 All students currently enrolled in an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program are eligible to be registered for the SEE.


Other Resources