Nonsurgical Pain Management Examination

In response to challenges continually faced by many nurse anesthetists who practice nonsurgical pain management (NSPM), the NBCRNA developed a voluntary subspecialty certification for nurse anesthetists in Nonsurgical Pain Management (NSPM-C) in 2014. The NSPM credential program measures the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NBCRNA-certified registered nurse anesthetists for practice in the NSPM field. It requires advanced, subspecialty knowledge beyond that required for initial certification of nurse anesthetists.

Nurse anesthetists who are currently certified by the NBCRNA and meet other specified criteria are eligible to apply for NSPM certification. The NSPM exam is a computer-based assessment, featuring 150 multiple-choice questions and three clinical-scenario items. The total time allowed for the examination will be 240 minutes, or four hours; three hours are allotted for the multiple-choice section and one hour for the clinical scenario section. It is typically offered twice per year at test centers in the U.S. This certification is time-limited and must be renewed.

Those who meet the criteria for the NSPM subspecialty certification and wish to pursue the certification can apply to take the exam during the window dates below.

Application Windows for NSPM Exam- 2020

If you are planning to take the NSPM Examination, contact NBCRNA at or (855) 285-4658 to have an application activated.

Upcoming 2020 NSPM Examination dates:

Applications for Exam AcceptedTest Dates
9/21/20 - 10/16/2011/23/20 - 12/7/20


Total Number of NSPM CerFY 19 NSPM STATStificants

Congratulations to the 26 examinees who successfully completed the NSPM exam in 2019 (September 1, 2018 - December 31, 2019). Since the inception of the NSPM program in 2015, 77 CRNAs hold the NSPM-C credential. The overall pass rate is 88%. The next exam application window will open on 9/21/2020 – 10/16/2020 (see above table).


The NBCRNA’s Nonsurgical Pain Management (NSPM-C) credential program is accredited by both the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC).