March 16, 2020 – Pearson VUE-owned test centers announced today that it will be closed for 30-days (until April 16, 2020). The NBCRNA will work with all individuals who are currently scheduled to test during this period of test site closure. Exam eligibilities will be extended to ensure that this downtime (for Pearson) does not negatively impact any student’s eligibility to test in the future. The NBCRNA will continue to provide updates to this situation as we receive them. Any student or graduate that is impacted by this should send a message to including their name, the date of their appointment, and their contact information. Read Pearson VUE FAQs regarding rescheduling for candidates.

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COA Statement Regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

In light of concerns with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the COA has established a process to closely monitor COVID-19’s impact on nurse anesthesia programs. The COA has been in communication with nurse anesthesia program administrators and developed a survey process by which they can submit information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their programs. At this time the COA has made no changes to the accreditation requirements or its plans for conducting any scheduled onsite accreditation reviews; however, as measures to control the spread of COVID-19 are continually evolving, the COA will make informed decisions and programs (as well as the COA’s community of interest) will be notified if there are changes to accreditation requirements as a result of these measures. The COA supports actions being taken to ensure the health, safety and security of nurse anesthesia students, faculty, patients and other stakeholders. Please submit any inquiries related to COVID-19 using the “Contact Us” section of the COA website, or contact the accreditation office directly at or 847-655-1160.

New Resource for Doctoral Students: Research Topics

In response to requests by the CRNA community, the NBCRNA Evaluation and Research Advisory Committee (ERAC) has developed a list of Research Topics related to CRNA continuing education, certification, and recertification. These topics are intended to serve as a resource for anesthesia students and practicing CRNAs who are seeking a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD), Nursing (DNP), or Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP). Find out more at  

Project Focus: SRNA DualEnroll

SRNA DualEnroll is a joint project between the NBCRNA and AANA rolled out in 2018. This website allows nurse anesthesia programs to enroll students with AANA and NBCRNA at the same time—on one site and with one login to streamline the enrollment process!  

Video: Working Together to Support Students and CRNAs

The NBCRNA, AANA, COA, and AANA Foundation have worked together on a series of videos for student registered nurse anesthetists to help describe each organization’s function. These videos will also help students better understand how they can interact with each organization as they progress through their training and career. The organizations work together to support nurse anesthetists throughout their career. See More at our Youtube channel!

Video: 2016 NCE Professional Practice Analysis Video

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CPC Program resources request form
CPC Program Brochure
About the 2-year Check-in

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Certification Materials

NCE Materials

NCE Handbook

SEE Materials

SEE Handbook


Historical NCE/SEE Descriptive Statistics Reports

The following documents are provided for historical purposes to assist nurse anesthesia educational program administrators with monitoring program graduate NCE and SEE performance (most years). Program administrators should ensure that the appropriately dated report is used when examining their students’  performances against national performance data.

2009 NCE National Summary Data
2010 NCE National Summary Data
2011 NCE National Summary Data
FY 2012 NCE/SEE National Summary Data
FY 2013 NCE/SEE National Summary Data
FY 2014 NCE/SEE National Summary Data
FY 2015 NCE/SEE National Summary Data
FY 2016 NCE/SEE National Summary Data
FY 2017 NCE/SEE National Summary Data

FY 2018 NCE/SEE National Summary Data

Video: A 3-Minute Guide to the CPC Program Fundamentals

This short animation provides an overview of the key concepts of the CPC Program. It reviews some of the history of the changes to the NBCRNA's recertification program and outlines the components. See More at our Youtube channel!

Video: Class B Requirement Overview for the CPC Program

This short animation provides an overview of the Class B requirement of the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program. It includes examples of various activities that may be considered for Class B credit. See More at our Youtube channel!