NBCRNA Examinations

As a guardian of the public safety, the NBCRNA takes very seriously the integrity of the exams that are the gateway to nurse anesthesia credentials and that are an integral part of nurse anesthesia training. The primary purpose of the NBCRNA is to seek to ensure that nurse anesthetists have the necessary knowledge and skills to practice safely and effectively. In so doing, it also protects the value of the CRNA credential.

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Pearson Professional Center Electronic Device Update

Beginning February 20, 2023, the Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) will require candidates to turn off all electronic device(s) and place them inside a Pearson provided plastic bag. All small electronic devices (smart watches, mobile phones, MP3 players, fitness trackers, iPods, eCigs, etc.) must be placed in the bag. This plastic bag will be stored in the exam candidate’s locker along with any other personal belongings. The plastic bag cannot be opened until after the exam is completed. This measure supports the NBCRNA testing policies which prohibit the use of electronic devices during any exam.