Thank you volunteers!

Committees and Subcommittees

The work of the NBCRNA is dependent on the expertise provided by the dedicated CRNAs who volunteer their time each year. During Fiscal Year 2019, the volunteer program experienced its greatest growth, with more than 300 volunteers serving on the various NBCRNA committees, subcommittees and panels during FY 2019. The NBCRNA would like to thank these individuals for their important work and contributions to the profession. The NBCRNA also thanks the many CRNA Ambassadors who provide CPC Program presentations and information to their colleagues across the nation.

FY 2019 Committees, Subcommittees and Panels

Automated Item Generation (AIG) Panel

CPCA Item-Writing Panel

CPCA Oversight Subcommittee

CPCA Practice Panel

CPCA Professional Practice Analysis Advisory Panel

CPCA Standard-Setting Panel

CPC Core Module Recognition Panels

  • Airway Management Techniques
  • Applied Clinical Pharmacology
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

NCE Subcommittee

NSPM Professional Practice Analysis Panel

SEE Subcommittee

Board of Directors

Communications Committee

Evaluation and Research Advisory Committee

  • Methods to Assess Knowledge and Competence Subcommittee
  • Value and Satisfaction Subcommittee
  • Simulation-Based CPC Assessment Subcommittee
  • Longitudinal Assessment Subcommittee
  • English as a Second Language Subcommittee