August 7, 2021

NBCRNA takes data security and cyber threats seriously. Earlier today, the NBCRNA was made aware of a potential security incident involving the reported integrity of NBCRNA data. Because of the seriousness of this claim, we worked diligently with our trusted partners throughout the day to investigate the incident and found no evidence of any data breach or compromise of the NBCRNA database. We can affirm that NBCRNA’s systems remain intact, have not been breached, and that your NBCRNA data remains safe. 

NBCRNA has reviewed the overall security posture of our information security systems and all sources confirm there are no further issues at this time. We follow industry best practices to ensure that data remains secure while stored in our databases and are constantly evaluating and updating our procedures according to those best practices. 

Today’s reported security notification involved a Google Chrome message indicating a person’s username/password combination may have been compromised. (This Chrome security functionality is explained by Google here.) In simple terms, Google has matched the username and password the person is using on their NBCRNA account, in this case, to the same username and password used with other websites by that individual. One or more of those other websites has had their credentials breached and are publicly available through a variety of sources. Google’s warning is a helpful and welcome notification, and multiple people may be seeing this warning.
Please keep in mind that it is a cybersecurity best practice to use a unique password for each online service and not to repeatedly use the same password for multiple services. If you are receiving such a Google Chrome security message, you are strongly encouraged to change to a unique password on each online service. Situations such as the one identified today to provide us an opportunity to work together to share accurate information and continue our work together to keep our information systems secure. Information security is paramount and we remain vigilant to any suspected disruption or threat. We will update you with any additional information should it be warranted.