The Check-in is required at the midpoint of each 4-year cycle

To help you stay on track and keep your records up-to-date, you will complete a simple check-in at the midpoint of each 4-year cycle. During this brief online process, you will:

  • Validate state licensure
  • Confirm active practice
  • Update contact information
  • Review your CPC Program progress

There is no fee due at the Check-in. Beginning in 2020, instead of the CPC fee being due every two years, the fee structure will change to every four years and will coincide with the timing of the every-four-year Certification Renewal Application. The Check-in will still be a component of the CPC Program as it serves several essential functions, but there will no longer be a fee associated with it. 

(A small number of newer certificants will still be required to pay the Check-in fee through 2021. See your personalized deadlines and next steps by logging onto the NBCRNA portal


There is no fee due at the Check-in, and you do not need to have completed any Class A or Class B credits or the Core Modules, to be able to complete the Check-in.

Your check-in deadline is based on the month and year of your initial certification, if it was on or after August 1, 2016. If you initially certified before August 1, 2016, it is based on your renewal deadline.

Your deadlines are available on your personalized timeline when you log in to the NBCRNA portal.