Promoting Patient Safety by Enhancing Provider Quality 

The CPC Program supports lifelong learning and the strong CRNA credential, protecting your ability to continue practicing as a CRNA, and is designed to meet the APRN regulatory requirements of every state Board of Nursing.

The program also reinforces the validity and value of your CRNA credential, demonstrating to your patients, their families, and your employer that you meet the credentialing requirements designed to promote lifelong learning, help you maintain current anesthesia knowledge, and encourage patient safety— even as the health care environment constantly changes. 

CPC Program Components

The CPC Program includes four components: Class A credits, Class B credits, Core Modules, and the CPC Assessment.

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CPC Program Timeline

Every four years, you renew your CRNA credential. Chart your course along the 8-year CPC Program timeline to learn more about the requirements of each four-year cycle.

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Log in to the NBCRNA portal any time to access your CPC timeline. Applications are open five months prior to your CPC Cycle end date.

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