Fee Schedule: What to Know

As part of the enhancements to the CPC Program, we are simplifying the fee schedule—helping to ensure a consistent cost every four years and providing a streamlined path for maintaining the CRNA credential.

As a CRNA moves into the enhanced CPC Program, CRNAs will pay $160 for access to longitudinal assessment and the $285 renewal application. These fees will cover the costs for the next four-year certification cycle. This upfront fee of $445 means no unexpected charges and an average yearly cost of $111. Additional fees apply to CRNAs who do not have credit transfer services.  

Although this is a $28 increase in renewal application and assessment costs over a four-year cycle, CRNAs will save $300 on average with the removal of the Core Modules requirement from the enhanced CPC Program. See the following table for a detailed cost breakdown. 

NBCRNA24_CPC PreLaunch_Fee Schedule_V1d

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