Certificant-Elected Director Update

The CED application window is now closed. Voting will begin February 2021. 

Thank you to the CRNAs who submitted an application for the Certificant-Elected Director (CED) position on the NBCRNA Board of Directors. The application window closed on November 30, 2020. The CED serves as a full member of the NBCRNA Board of Directors with all rights and responsibilities. The position on the NBCRNA Board of Directors is a three-year term beginning in October 2021. The NBCRNA will open voting to the CRNA community in February 2021 

CED Overview


2020-2021 Certificant-Elected Director Election Timeline

November 20, 2020                         Complete applications due to the NBCRNA

February 1-4, 2021                           Conduct phone interviews with selected applicants for Certificant-Elected Director

February 22 – March 8, 2021     Voting opens for Certificant-Elected Director

Mid-March 2021                                  Results posted to NBCRNA website


Hear from the inaugural Certificant-Elected Director


Pamela Chambers, DNP, EJD, MSN, CRNA 

"My time as a member of the Board of Directors of the NBCRNA has been enlightening, engaging, and just plain fun. I expected to learn and contribute; I’ve done both. It has been extremely enlightening to learn of the complex operations required to develop and administer the testing processes for certification and maintenance of certification. Additionally, the vast amount of knowledge present in one room discussing all matters to run a complicated national organization is just beyond amazing to the uninitiated. I’ve made lifelong friends and developed relationships with other CRNAs who feel as strongly as I do that we can never be satisfied with mediocrity. I now am comfortable advocating for my profession and managing all manner of intricate operations required for fiduciaries in today’s professional business environment. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and I am ready to tackle the next chapter in continued patient and provider advocacy."



New Board Members Announced

The NBCRNA welcomes three newly elected CRNAs to its Board of Directors. The new members underwent orientation through August 2020 and began their three-year terms in October 2020. We look forward to their contributions as it relates to the mission of the NBCRNA on behalf of the profession. More information and introductory videos will be available in the coming months. The new CRNA directors joining the Board are:

  • Garry Brydges, PhD, DNP, MBA, CRNA, ACNP-BC, FAAN, Houston, TX
  • Robert Laird, CRNA, Abilene, Texas 
  • Lisa Riedel, DNP, CRNA, Lansing, MI 
  • The NBCRNA also welcomes new Emerging Leader Fellow, Sara Myers, DNP, CRNA. Read more below.

Read the news release. See the full NBCRNA Board of Directors.

  • The NBCRNA also welcomes anesthesiologist member, Sara Gonzalez, MD, DABA.

Board members volunteer up to 300 hours each year on behalf of the CRNA credential. Check out the responsibilities and criteria and consider getting involved, enhancing your career, and supporting your profession in the future.   

NEW: Emerging Leader Fellow Announced 

sara myers circle image 2


The NBCRNA welcomes Sara Myers, DNP, CRNA, to the NBCRNA Board of Directors as the new Emerging Leader Fellow. Dr. Myers is a clinical instructor and Professor for the Truman Medical Center School of Nurse Anesthesia who has volunteered on a variety of national committees and panels, including the AANA Practice Committee (2017-2020) and NBCRNA CPCA Item Writing Committee (2019-2020). Following an orientation series over the past months, the new members began their terms in October 2020. We look forward to their contributions on behalf of the CRNA profession. A video introducing Sara will be posted here soon. 

Emerging Leader Fellow Job Responsibilities and Commitment to Serve