CPC Assessment Structure and Purpose

The CPC Assessment will assess knowledge in the four core domains of nurse anesthesia practice. The domains and the corresponding weighted percentages on the CPC Assessment are as follows: 

  1. Airway Management (34%)
  2. Ap​plied Clinical Pharmacology (24%)
  3. Physiology and Pathophysiology (24%)
  4. Anesthesia Equipment, Technology, and Safety (18%)

CPC Assessment Content Outline - Effective beginning 1/1/2021

The CPC Assessment

The CPC Assessment is not pass/fail, but rather a performance standard assessment. Its purpose is simply to identify potential areas where a CRNA may need additional education. CRNAs will maintain their certification, even if they do not meet the performance standard, provided that they complete additional focused continuing education in any area where the performance standard is not met. 

Cost for the CPC Assessment

The CPC Program was designed to evolve as new technologies and information that may benefit the program become available. The cost of the CPC Assessment will be $295. (Note: this first CPC Assessment may be taken any time in the CRNA's second 4-year cycle, up to six months prior to the end of their CPC cycle (to allow time for any remediation that may be needed). 

Preparing for the CPC Assessment

The NBCRNA publishes a CPC Assessment content outline and a list of references used to develop the CPC Assessment items. In addition, sample assessment questions have been developed to help familiarize nurse anesthetists with computer-administered assessments. These sample questions are part of CPCA Practice.