We are distressed by the recent tragedies and social unrest erupting across our nation. The events of past weeks underscore the inequality that has affected so many Americans. These events are the companions of racial and ethnic disparities that continue to exist in our society and in health care--and have existed for far too long. In just these past months, we saw how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the disparities within our society as it relates to outcomes and race.

NBCRNA deeply values diversity and we have long felt a responsibility to contribute professionally to building a health care community of equal opportunity. Our mission to protect patient safety by enhancing provider quality includes all patients of all backgrounds and speaks to our core values. We will continue our longtime support of the Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program which promotes nurse anesthesia workforce programs, helping to embrace the diversity and various cultures of our profession.

We stand with those speaking out for social justice and hope that movement will also lead to health care justice. We will continue to act—to continue our commitment to and support of initiatives and programs that enable people of all backgrounds to feel safe, thrive and succeed.  

Terry C. Wicks, DNP, CRNA

President NBCRNA