CPC Assessment Options Added: Can Be Taken at Home or Testing Center


February 15, 2019--The NBCRNA recognizes the CRNA community’s desire for more flexibility and convenience in their path of continuing certification. The results of the NBCRNA’s recent CPC Assessment (CPCA) Beta Research Study and a nationwide benchmarking study also support choice and ease in the assessment process. The NBCRNA therefore announces that when the CPCA rolls out beginning in 2020, CRNAs will have the option of taking the assessment either remotely in the comfort of their home or place of their choosing, or at a testing center. Providing two assessment options gives CRNAs the flexibility to select the setting that works best for them to minimize travel time and time away from practice, while reducing related costs.

The results of the Beta Research Study also demonstrated no difference in the rate at which CRNAs met the performance standard between groups based on the availability of resources. Informed by this data, the NBCRNA Board of Directors adopted the Evaluation and Research Advisory Committee’s recommendation that the CPCA be administered in a closed book format. This will result in time and cost savings to CRNAs taking the CPCA.

Data and outcomes from the CPCA Beta Research and nationwide benchmarking studies also prompted the NBCRNA to recently announce the removal of the pass/fail requirement of the CPCA. There is no longer a pass/fail component in the CPC Program. The CPC Assessment will instead remain a performance standard assessment with no loss of certification regardless of CPCA performance, with the successful completion of focused continuing education in any area(s) where the performance standard is not met. It will be used as a self-evaluation tool for targeting future continuing education.

Additional details about the CPC Assessment will be released over the coming months. The NBCRNA is committed to supporting lifelong learning, the profession in every practice setting, and protecting the value, validity and recognition of the CRNA credential. More information about the CPC Program can be found on the NBCRNA website at www.NBCRNA.com/CPC.


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View a PDF version of the release here.