Are you currently a Chief CRNA and/or Leader at your organization? (E.g., Employer of CRNAs, Military Specialty Leader of CRNAs, Anesthesia Department Chair/Head, Practice or Group Owner/Partner)
What is your gender?
Are you of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin?
Please indicate your race.
In what type of geographic areas do you work as a CRNA? Select all that apply.
At the end of 2021, how long have you been practicing as a CRNA? (Clinical Anesthesia, Nurse-Anesthesia Related Administration, Education, or Research)
At the end of 2021, how long have you been a Chief CRNA/Leader in your organization?
What is your highest degree obtained?
What is your primary position?
What is your primary practice setting (i.e., the location where you spent the most time practicing in 2021?)
What is your primary employment arrangement?
How would you describe the delivery model in your primary practice setting?
Can you refer me to other Chief CRNAs/employers that I can interview who would be interested?
Would you be interested in being contacted to participate in any follow-up and/or future research studies?