NBCRNA Offers Three Practice Assessments and Practice Questions/QOTW to Help You Prepare

Find out when you need to take the CPC Assessment.

CPCA Practice - box

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There are currently two versions of the CPCA practice assessment, CPCA Practice I and II.

  • Earn up to four Class A credits.
  • If you take both CPCA Practice I and II, you can have access to 160 practice questions.
  • Save $10 when you purchase both CPCA Practice I and II.
Take a test drive! The Quick20 is a free 20-question sample assessment with unlimited attempts designed to help you get familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the CPCA.
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Question of the Week Booklets - box
The Question of the Week (QOTW) serves as an extension of the NBCRNA’s CPCA Practice and allows for CRNAs to become familiar with question types and content while testing their knowledge. Each week a new question will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, with the answer(s) and rationale provided.
Inside these booklets, you will find 13 questions from the weekly Question of the Week, that will help you get familiar with the question types and content you will find on the CPC Assessment. Download the Question of the Week Booklet and see how you do on the sample questions!


Hear from CRNAs

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“I personally think there’s value in refreshing your memory by studying for the CPCA. We learn information in school and don’t always revisit it.”

Erin Steinbrink, CRNA



“If science moves forward, we need to move forward in the same way. It helps our credential that we re-test, showing that we provide current, evidence-based care.”

Jozefa Hernon, MSN, CRNA

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