• Q What is the purpose of the SEE?

    There are three objectives of the SEE:

    1. to provide information to students about their progress in the nurse anesthesia educational program;
    2. to provide information to program administrators on how well their programs are preparing students with the knowledge they need for anesthesia practice; and
    3. to prepare students for the National Certification Examination (NCE) experience.

    Positive correlations are seen in students’ scores on the SEE and eventual performance on the NCE examination. However, scoring well on the SEE does not guarantee a passing score on the NCE.

  • Q Who can take the SEE?

    All students currently enrolled in an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program are eligible to be registered for the SEE.
  • Q How long is the SEE?

    The SEE is a 240-question computerized adaptive examination comprising multiple choice, multiple correct response, short answer/calculation, drag-and-drop, and hotspot questions. The computerized adaptive testing (CAT) administration allows individual candidates to take questions with difficulty levels adaptive to their ability levels, thus enhancing the measurement precision. As all questions are chosen from the same item bank, the CAT procedure ensures the same examination content specification is followed and student performance on the SEE is comparable.

    The total time allowed for the examination will be four hours, or 240 minutes. Based on current rates at which students complete the SEE, four hours has proven to be sufficient time to complete the examination.
  • Q Why are the domain percentages different than those of the NCE?

    The percentages in each  domain of the SEE are equal, which is different than on the NCE. The equal number of questions in each domain will give students a robust sampling in each domain area. This will provide equally precise scores in each domain, to inform students of their relative strengths.  The domain percentages of the SEE are as follows:

    • Basic Sciences (25%)
    • Equipment, Instrumentation, and Technology (25%)
    • General Principles of Anesthesia (25%)
    • Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures and Special Populations (25%) 

    Access the full content outline here under “Other Resources.”
  • Q Is there a scheduled break during the examination?

    There are no scheduled breaks during the SEE. Candidates are free to take an unscheduled break if needed with the understanding that the examination timer will continue to run during the break.
  • Q What is the cost of the SEE?

    The cost for the SEE is $250.
  • Q Where can I find the SEE Interpretive Guide?

     The Interpretive Guide can be found here.
  • Q Where can I find the the SEE Bibliography?

    The SEE Bibliography can be found here.
  • Q Where can I find more information on registering for and taking the SEE?

    To learn more about taking the SEE, please refer to the SEE Handbook. Regarding registration, only your program administrator can create a SEE request on your behalf.
  • Q What can I expect on test day?

    This brief Pearson VUE video will give candidates an idea of what to expect at the test center on test day. Information is also available in the SEE Handbook.