CPCA Practice


CPCA Practice is an interactive, online assessment designed to both promote lifelong learning while providing a tool to help assess knowledge and identify knowledge gaps and providing up to two Class A credits. You may even find it helpful to reference this information when selecting future continuing education topics. A second version is now also available.  


 CPCA Practice Key Features

  • CPCA Practice includes 40 questions covering the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program’s four core domains* of anesthesia practice.
  • The interactive, online format features multiple choice, multiple select, and clinical case scenario questions to help you identify gaps in knowledge.
  • After you either achieve 80% on any one attempt, or complete up to three attempts, you will have access to all 80 questions in the question bank for a full year from the date of purchase.
  • CPCA Practice will provide a breakdown of your number and percent correct on each 10-question domain of each 40-question set, complete with rationale for the correct answer. 
  • With 24/7 online access, you can take CPCA Practice where and when you want. And you can earn two Class A credits with an 80% passing score on one of the first three attempts.

CPCA Practice I and II are being offered for $30 each or both for $50. The 20-question sample exam, Quick20, is available at no charge.

CPCA Practice FAQS

  • Q How much does CPCA Practice cost?

    CPCA Practice I & II can be purchased separately for $30, or purchased together for $50. This includes the opportunity to earn two Class A credits and gain access to all 80 questions in the question bank for each version of CPCA Practice.
  • Q Do I have to complete the test in one setting?

    No. You may leave it and return to it later. You will have access to the test/questions for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Q What happens if I don’t achieve an 80% score on the CPCA Practice in three attempts?

    You will still have access to the questions for one year after purchase and can self-report this activity for 1 Class B credit for every 60 minutes you were engaged in the exam.  This would be reported for Class B credit under the Non-Prior Approved/Non-Assessed CE category.
CPCA Practice Features

CPCA Practice I

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CPCA Practice II

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CPCA Practice I & II

Bundle and save $10 by purchasing both versions of CPCA Practice.


  • Be familiar with types of questions that will appear on the CPC Assessment.
  • Identify points of knowledge on the CPCA content outline that may require additional study.
  • Give examples of how the CPCA content outline maps onto points of clinical practice knowledge.
  • Take a computerized multiple-choice/multi-select exam online.​​​

Note: The program (CPCA Practice) has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for two Class A CE credits; Code Number 1033196; Expiration Date 9/30/19.​ No CE is available for Quick20.


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*Core domains of anesthesia practice which apply to all CRNAs, regardless of practice focus: Airway Management; Applied Clinical Pharmacology; Human Physiology and Pathophysiology; and Anesthesia Equipment and Technology.

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