CPC Assessment FAQs

  • Q What is the difference between a performance standard and passing standard?

    The term performance standard is used in relation to the CPC Assessment to establish expectations that must be met for an examinee’s performance to be appraised as satisfactory. There will be no impact on certification regardless of CRNA performance on the assessment, provided that they complete additional targeted continuing education in any area where the performance standard is not met. It was announced that the passing standard requirement was removed from the CPC Assessment in February 2019--no pass/fail. 
  • Q When will I take the CPC Assessment?

    Nurse anesthetists will take a CPC Assessment every other 4-year CPC cycle; i.e., once every 8-year CPC Program period.

    Currently certified nurse anesthetists will take the first CPC Assessment either in the 2020-2024 or 2021-2025 CPC cycle, depending on the individual’s certification schedule. The CPC Assessment will be measured against a performance standard--no pass/fail.
  • Q Will the CPC Assessment affect my certification?

    No. The score for the CPC Assessment is measured against a performance standard for all currently certified nurse anesthetists as of 2020.

    This is intended to provide feedback on the nurse anesthetist’s relative strengths in different knowledge areas. This will not result in a loss of certification; for those areas in which the performance standard was not met, additional targeted continuing education will need to be successfully completed.
  • Q How many times may I take the CPC Assessment?

    The CPC Assessment is a performance standard assessment and is only taken once. It is intended to provide feedback and point out areas where further study may be needed. The CPC Assessment should be completed at least six months before the end of an individual’s CPC cycle to allow time for completion of any additional requirement(s).
  • Q What happens if a nurse anesthetist does not meet the performance standard on the CPC Assessment?

    In this case, there is no impact on the nurse anesthetist's certification, however, they will need to complete additional targeted continuing education in any area where the performance standard was not met. 
  • Q What if I decide not to practice or if I retire within a given CPC cycle?

    The requirements completed in one CPC cycle allow the nurse anesthetist to remain certified into the following cycle. If you do not intend to practice beyond the current period in which you are certified, it would not be necessary to meet any of the requirements for the next CPC cycle.
  • Q Where will I take the CPC Assessment?

    In February 2019, the NBCRNA announced that CRNAs will have the option to take the CPC Assessment in either the comfort of their home or place of their choosing, or at a testing center. 
  • Q What is the cost of the CPC Assessment?

    Our goal is to keep the annualized cost of the CPC Program similar to previous recertification costs. The CPC Assessment is $295. 
  • Q How long is the CPC Assessment?

    The assessment will consist of 150 scored items. The total time allowed for the closed-book assessment will be three hours. 
  • Q Can I take the CPC Assessment any time during the 4-year cycle?

    Yes, you can take the CPC Assessment in any year of the second 4-year cycle. The NBCRNA has not yet determined when the CPC Assessment will be offered during each year.
  • Q Will there be review sessions for the CPC Assessment? Will review courses be awarded CEs?

    The content outline, or "blueprint," for the CPC Assessment is available on the NBCRNA website here. The NBCRNA does offer a free practice exam or the option to purchase more robust practice assessments, called the CPCA Practice. Find out more here.

    In compliance with our accreditation guidelines, NBCRNA will not offer review courses. The AANA CE department or another CE approval body will determine whether review courses offered by vendors meet the criteria for CE.
  • Q Is my certification time-limited?

    NBCRNA’s national accreditors (NCCA and ABSNC) and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) no longer accept the concept of “once certified, always certified.” Therefore, beginning 1/1/2020, NBCRNA certification will be time-limited. The transition from “recertification” to “continued professional certification” occurred with the 2016 launch of the CPC Program. If, for whatever reason, a certificant is not in compliance with the requirements for certification, it will result in a loss of certification. (See pages 19-20 of the CPC Program Handbook.)

    The NBCRNA must comply with the requirements set forth by these organizations, which include time-limited certification. The NBCRNA is dedicated to protecting the CRNA credential and failing to comply with these regulatory authorities would threaten the value, validity and recognition of the credential in all 50 states and by all 52 boards of nursing.

Practice Assessment FAQs

  • Q What is CPCA Practice?

    CPCA Practice is an online, interactive assessment that provides practice with the type and format of questions a CRNA would be likely to see on a Continued Professional Certification (CPC) assessment. The practice assessment has 40 total questions. 
  • Q What are CPCA Practice benefits?

    CPCA Practice (and the 20-question sample, Quick20) will provide you with insightful feedback. You may find it helpful to reference this information when selecting future CE topics. Each 40-question version of CPCA Practice also provides two Class A credits upon passing with an 80%.

  • Q What kind of questions are on CPCA Practice?

    CPCA Practice includes multiple-choice questions, multi-select questions (more than one correct answer), and clinical scenario sets which have several questions related to a single case. There are no hotspot or short answer questions.

  • Q How much does CPCA Practice cost?

    CPCA Practice I & II can be purchased separately for $30, or purchased together for $50. This includes the opportunity to earn two Class A credits and gain access to all 80 questions in the question bank for each version of CPCA Practice.
  • Q What if I experience technical difficulties?

    If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact: cpcapractice@selfstudy.plus

    Technical difficulties include:

    • Difficulty navigating from question to question
    • Test not accepting answers (check browser - Internet Explorer not recommended; Chrome is preferred.)
    • Presentation issues on mobile devices
    • Page responsiveness when loading a question or page on the site (check internet connection)
  • Q Where do CPCA Practice questions come from?

    CPCA Practice questions are not retired questions from other exams. They are specifically developed by a diverse panel of CRNAs and other content experts from a variety of practice settings.  The questions they develop are exclusive to the CPCA Practice.

  • Q Is there Class A CE available?

    Yes. You can earn two Class A CE credits for CPCA Practice by achieving an 80% score within three attempts on 40-question test sets. For each subsequent attempt after the first time, half of the questions will be new questions. If you don’t achieve an 80% score in three attempts you can self-report this activity for 1 Class B credit for every 60 minutes you were engaged in the assessment up to two Class B credits. There is no CE for the Quick20.

    * Note: This program (CPCA Practice) has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for two Class A CE credits; Code Number 1033196; Expiration Date 9/30/19. No CE is available for Quick20.

  • Q Are the questions available after the CE is completed?

    Yes. When you have either achieved an 80% score or used all three attempts, you will have access to all 80 questions in the test bank until the product expiration date, which for the CPCA Practice, is one year from the date of purchase.

  • Q What kind of feedback will I receive?

    When you finish the test portion of CPCA Practice, you will receive a score report with results by domain, and the percentage correct, complete with correct answer rationales. When you have completed the CE element or the third attempt, you will have access to correct answers and rationales for all 80 questions in the question bank for one year from date of purchase. 

  • Q Will CPCA Practice prepare me for any future CPC or other assessment?

    CPCA Practice is not designed to prepare nurse anesthetists for any particular assessment. Success or failure to achieve any score is not an indication of likelihood of success or failure on a CPC or other assessment.

  • Q Is there a time limit once I begin my 40-question set?

    No. There is no time limit once the test begins.

  • Q Do I have to complete the test in one sitting?

    No. You may leave it and return to it later. You will have access to the test/questions for one year from the date of purchase. 

  • Q Can I use outside resources as I take the assessment?

    You may decide to refer to outside resources as needed.

  • Q How can I review the questions after I’ve completed the assessment?

    After you either earn the CE or use up your three assessment attempts, you will have access to all the questions in the pool.

  • Q Why can’t I review my test question rationales and answers after I completed my test?

    Per CE rules, you will either need to achieve an 80% score on your test or complete 3 attempts to view question rationales and answers. 

  • Q Can I take CPCA Practice with my friends or colleagues?

    No. It is to be done by one individual rather than a team. The CPCA Practice is the intellectual property of the NBCRNA. Unauthorized distribution of any aspect of the CPCA Practice, including without limitation, the CPCA Practice questions, answers to questions, and rationales is strictly prohibited.

  • Q How is my CE reported?

    NBCRNA will report CE completions to the AANA on a monthly basis. 

  • Q What happens if I don’t achieve an 80% score on the CPCA Practice in three attempts?

    You will still have access to the questions for one year after purchase and can self-report this activity for 1 Class B credit for every 60 minutes you were engaged in the assessment.  This would be reported for Class B credit under the Non-Prior Approved/Non-Assessed CE category.

  • Q What is your refund policy?

    CPCA Practice is nonrefundable. 

  • Q Do you keep my credit card information?

    No.  We use Stripe to process payments and no credit card information is stored.

  • Q I just purchased the CPCA Practice, but did not receive my receipt or access email.

    Please contact us at cpcapractice@selfstudy.plus.
  • Q How can I change my email or password?

    In your Profile, you can:

    • Change your email address
    • Change your password
    • Change your title, name, and your AANA number.
  • Q What browsers are supported by SelfStudyPLUS?

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