Reentry FAQs

  • Q What happened to the old "Refresher Program"?

    With the launch of the CPC Program, enrollment to the older Refresher Program stopped on July 31, 2016. Enrollment for the new Reentry Program began on August 1, 2016. The new program incorporates the newer elements of the CPC Program.

  • Q What is different in the new Reentry Program?

    While many components are similar to the Refresher program, the element of simulation is completely new. Also, the requirement for Core Modules and testing for all participants are new additions. Do be aware, while some parts of the Reentry Program are similar to the previous Refresher program, the Reentry Program is a completely new program and has very different requirements and sequencing.

  • Q How do I begin the Reentry Program?

    To get started, you'll first need to contact Candy Gustafson at the NBCRNA at or 708-667-0102. Note: To submit your application, you will need to first contact NBCRNA/Candy Gustafson and pay your fee.

  • Q So what is the format of the new Reentry Program?

    It is a three-step program. Steps one (1) and two (2) must be completed within 12 consecutive months after Reentry Program enrollment. Step three (3) must be completed within the 12 consecutive months following completion of step two (2), or by the end of the 24-month Reentry Program, whichever is shorter.

  • Q Can the application be submitted electronically? What about the fee?

    The application is a fillable pdf form. You can complete electronically and email/fax to the NBCRNA or mail via USPS. The fee is paid electronically only and you'll find directions on how to access the payment portal when you submit your application.

  • Q Can Class A, Class B or Core Modules that I completed prior to enrolling in the Reentry Program be used to satisfy Step One requirements?

    Requirements for the Reentry Program must be completed following enrollment in the program.

  • Q How do I document completion of the Core Module requirements?

    Submit your certificate of completion from the vendor who delivered your Core Module content. Only signed and dated certificates of completion, from vendors that are recognized by the NBCRNA to deliver Core Modules, can be accepted to satisfy the requirements of the Reentry Program. A listing of recognized Core Module Vendors.

  • Q How do I document completion of the Class A & Class B requirements?

    Individuals may submit a copy of their AANA CE transcript that includes this information. Those CRNAs who do not have access to an AANA CE transcript should contact the NBCRNA for directions.

  • Q If I am not an AANA member will my Class A, Class B and Core Module requirements be automatically submitted to the NBCRNA?

    Unfortunately, no.

  • Q Will the NBCRNA provide a list of approved simulation centers?

    Yes. As simulation centers are reviewed and recognized as meeting the minimum requirements, we will post their names and contact information on our website on a page designed to hold this specific information. It is important to be aware that this listing is for your convenience is not ordered in any specific way, nor are any of the sites listed endorsed or recommended, but rather only recognized as acceptable for completing your Reentry Program simulation requirements.
  • Q If I don’t complete Steps One and Two within the first 12 consecutive months from the date of enrollment, may I use part of the second consecutive 12 months to complete the Step One and Two requirements?

    Unfortunately, no. The Reentry Program is a lock-step program and the requirements must be completed within the timeframes as identified. 
  • Q If I fail to successfully complete the requirements of the program within the specified timeframe and lose my CPC-compliance, can I appeal the loss of my certification?

    No. All requirements of the Reentry Program must be completed within 24 months of the start (enrollment) to the program. Individuals in the Reentry Program should keep in contact with the NBCRNA if they experience difficulties in completing any of the Program’s requirements.