CPC Program costs include the Class A credits, the Renewal of Certification fee, and the CPC Assessment fee. Core Modules count towards your Class A credit requirement so aren't additionally factored in the cost, and many Class B credits (professional activities) are those you are likely already engaged in (precepting, M&M conferences, committee work, life support, etc.).

Based on an average cost of $30 per Class A credit, the total 8-year CPC Program costs an average of approximately $549.50 annually – a savings of more than $100 over the previous recertification program fees.

8-year CPC Program/Annual Costs

RequirementAverage Cost/Year
15 Class A Credits/year (average)$450, based on $30/credit
Renewal of Certification Fee:
$250 every four years
$62.50 avg./year
Core Modules$0 (As they count as Class A credits)
10 Class B credits/year (average) **$0 (Professional activities you are typically already engaged in)
CPC Assessment Fee:
$295 every 8 years
$37 avg./year
Total Cost (Average)$549.50/year

** e.g., Life Support, precepting/teaching in the clinical setting, clinical administrative, committee work.

See the Fee Schedule for the Credit Review Fee for CRNAs who do not have AANA credit transfer and for late fees.
Cost comparison chart