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What is the 2-year Check-in?

The 2-year Check-in will be a simple, online process to:

  • validate your state licensure*
  • confirm continuing practice**
  • update your contact information
  • review your progress towards CPC Program compliance and make plans for the next two years
  • pay the CPC fee (the same amount as in the past) What the credentialing fee supports to ensure your strong credential continues to be recognized as validation of knowledge in the nurse anesthesia profession. Note: Starting in 2020, the NBCRNA will move to a four-year CPC fee payment cycle. At that time, the CPC fee will be $250 every four years and there will no longer be a fee associated with the 2-year Check-in application. The 2-year Check-in will continue, as it serves several essential functions, but there will no longer be a fee at that time. 

Why the 2-year Check-in is important

The 2-year Check-in was implemented with the launch of the CPC Program in 2016. Why is the 2-year Check-in important? In part, because the NBCRNA’s accreditors require us to evidence how we are assured that a certificant still qualifies to hold the credential between renewal cycles.  While the 2-year Check-in is an easy and valid way to demonstrate that this requirement is being met, it is also important as it provides CRNAs with an opportunity to maintain and update essential information such as contact information and confirmation of active practice and licensure.. 

When will I check in?

The CPC Program is based on an 8-year period comprised of two 4-year cycles. Every four years, you will demonstrate CPC Compliance (formerly “recertify”).This is when you confirm that you have achieved the CPC Program requirements (60 Class A, 40 Class B; Core Modules are optional in the first 4-year cycle). Don’t worry - you will be reminded to check in at the 2-year mark to provide or confirm the information noted above. The 2-year Check-in window will be open starting in April. So, what does that timeline look like?  

If you recertified (or were initially certified) in 2017: You entered the CPC Program at that time and will check back in 2019 through a simple, online process. For most, your window will open on April 2, 2019. You will then demonstrate CPC Compliance (formerly “recertify”) in 2021. 


CPC-2019-flowchart-v4 (002)


*Regarding licensure: Note that verification of licensure and practice is a requirement of not only the NBCRNA, but also of a wide variety of other regulators to whom the NBCRNA must answer. These include the state boards of nursing, our accreditors (NCCA, ABSNC), and local facilities.

**Regarding continuing practice: With the CPC Program, although CRNAs are required to engage in practice to maintain CPC compliance, the NBCRNA does not prescribe minimum practice hours. State boards of nursing (or their regulatory equivalent) and facility credentialing bodies determine those requirements for practitioners and establish compliance at the state and/or institutional levels. Active anesthesia practice can be in clinical, education, research, or administration. 

† The Performance Standard assessment will be taken by 2024/2025 and will not impact on your credential regardless of performance on the assessment. Additional focused continuing education of the CRNA's choosing will need to be taken in area where the standard is not met. The NBCRNA announced in February 2019 the removal of the pass/fail requirement of the CPC Assessment.

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2-year Check-in

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May 14, 2018, 12:31 PM
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Stephen Finder, DNP, CRNA 
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Crazy easy- thank you.
Crazy easy- thank you.
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