2020 CPC Renewal Application process for CRNAs without CE credit transfer has changed this year: 
Deadline to save on credit evaluation fee extended to July 31, 2020


For CRNAs completing their first 4-year CPC cycle and due to apply for certification renewal by the extended deadline of July 31, 2020, CPC renewal applications will open on or around April 14 - you'll receive an email announcement with additional information when this occurs.

The procedure for CRNAs who do not have AANA CE credit transfer and need to submit their credits to the NBCRNA has changed this year, so please take note: Now, in order to submit your CPC renewal application, in addition to having earned all of your Class A/Class B credits (minimum 100 credits - at least 60 must be Class A) you must upload all required CE documentation at the time of application. Applications cannot be submitted until all of the required credits have been uploaded to the application by you. The NBCRNA will not review any CE credits until a fully completed application is submitted.

For this cycle, if you earn all of your credits and submit your complete application to the NBCRNA before the end of April, you will save on your credit review fee. Non-AANA members can save $120 by submitting their application and required CE documentation to the NBCRNA between April 14-30, 2020. You do not submit your credits separately - you will upload and submit your credits only as part of your CPC renewal application. Take advantage of the reduced $300 credit review fee (reg. $420 on/after August 1) by submitting your CPC application and all required CE documentation by July 31, 2020*

More details on the CPC application and credit review process are available here for all CRNAs whose first 4-year CPC cycle is ending July 31, 2020. All eligible CRNAs will be sent an email reminder - login to nbcrna.com to confirm that your email is current in your account.

Questions about the CPC Program? Visit nbcrna.com/cpc for information, videos, podcasts and more.

*Associated fees due at time of CPC application: The reduced credit review fee of $300 covers four years of credits versus two years in the previous program. This reduced fee is available through July 31, 2020, when Class A credits are submitted as part of the CPC application, along with the credit review fee (for four years of credits) and $250 CPC fee (for the upcoming four years of certification). Application submissions on or after August 1, 2020 will incur the regular credit review fee of $420, in addition to the $250 CPC fee.