Summary of understandings reached between AANA Executive Committee and NBCRNA

Executive Committee and open issues –January 8, 2013


a. We all agree that CRNAs are a critically important part of the healthcare system. Both our Boards recognize that strong certification programs strengthen the profession as well as protect the public, and that our organizations are committed to those goals.

b. The AANA Board understands the necessity and importance of NBCRNA to make autonomous decisions in regard to certification and recertification and has no interest in or intention of influencing those decisions.  NBCRNA values the input of the AANA on matters affecting the nurse anesthesia profession. 

c. We realize that misunderstandings have occurred and sometimes worsened because we each have assumed that the other Board was aware of non‐confidential information that it was not. We would like to improve communication to avoid future misunderstandings.

d. The NBCRNA and the AANA wish to work collegially as separate entities to have the efficiencies and intellectual resources of working together when it is appropriate, in order to provide the best services each of them is responsible to provide.  This document is part of our renewed level of commitment to strive to move in a cooperative direction.  It is not a contract, but we hope that it is a useful reminder to our Boards and a helpful legacy for the Boards that succeed us.

Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings, improve communication, and address any problems as they arise, we commit to the following:

1. There will be quarterly meetings of the NBCRNA Executive and AANA Executive Committees. These meetings may take place separately and away from the AANA meetings, and will be unscripted and substantive.  Potential forms for these meetings include face‐to‐face, conference call and videoconference; our goal is to have open and honest communication. 

2. We will work on developing a process for communicating between the Boards, and establishing a tradition of modeling a positive relationship between our Boards.

  • Our Presidents will meet as soon as possible after a change in office to establish communication strategies and procedures for the next year.  Ideally, the first meeting will be face‐to‐face. The Presidents also will establish some tradition that will model and demonstrate the positive relationship between the organizations.
  • Our Presidents will preview with each other matters that come up that may impact the other’s organization.  This is informational and to avoid surprise when being questioned by members and stakeholders, and, while it includes seeking input, it does not amount to ceding control.

3. We will exchange Board agendas before our Board meetings and summary meeting minutes. This will not include material covered in Executive Session.

4. The development of the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) program is a matter of great interest to AANA and its members.  The Chair of the CPC committee provides periodic progress reports on the work of the CPC subcommittees to the NBCRNA Board. The NBCRNA Executive Board will discuss the reports with the AANA Executive Committee, and will work with the AANA Executive Committee to prepare a joint communication to the AANA Board and members.

5. Additionally, the Chair of the CPC committee will provide periodic updates to the AANA Board and will do a CPC update webinar after the NBCRNA January meeting. (First update completed February 2013)

6. Board members will try to check assumptions before reaching conclusions.  Executive Directors /Chief Executive Officers are encouraged to gather and check facts when requested.  Presidents are encouraged to call each other or utilize other forms of communication that produces efficient and effective communication.  Where appropriate, the NBCRNA Executive Committee and AANA Executive Committee will work together on issues.

7. A joint strategic meeting among AANA, NBCRNA and COA will be scheduled to provide appropriate information and discuss appropriate areas of overlap.

8. AANA’s president will send the blast email to AANA members describing the outcome of this mediation with NBCRNA to NBCRNA’s president for review after NBCRNA’s January meeting and before it goes out to AANA members. (Completed February 2013)

9. AANA and NBCRNA will work to update the Recognition Agreement and, where appropriate, will incorporate the above goals and agreements.

10. Financial issues between NBCRNA and AANA are being settled separate from this agreement. 

11. A database sharing agreement will be signed. (Completed June 2013)

12. Other areas of collaboration between the AANA and the NBCRNA will be considered as the need arises and the presidents of each organization will initiate action on these collaborations. 

  • One such collaboration is the establishment of a board liaison position on the AANA Board to be filled by a member of the NBCRNA Board and the establishment of a board liaison position on the NBCRNA Board to be filled by a member of the AANA Board.  The details of this exchange are to be determined.  
NBCRNA-AANA agreement e-signatures