Tools to Help Inform your Members

As CRNAs in your state begin to complete their next requirement in the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program--the 2-year Check-in--we anticipate that many of the nearly 25,000 CRNAs across the country due to check-in this year will have questions about the process. As a state association, your constituents rely on you to bring them information and resources for their practice. That includes information on the CPC Program (formerly "recertification"), such as:

When do I need to check-in? How long will it take and is there/what is the fee? How do I check my CPC Program compliance progress? Where do I update my contact information?

The NBCRNA has created a TOOLKIT for state associations to help provide your nurse anesthetist members with valuable information on the 2-year Check-in so they can maintain their CPC compliance for the upcoming two years. 

Download the following tools for use in your member communications, or offer on your website:

The first CPC Program 2-year Check-in window is quickly approaching—open April 3 - July 31, 2018 for most CRNAs that recertified (or initially certified) in 2016. The downloadable chart includes specific deadlines that will be helpful for your members. 

Chart-Check-in Deadlines

The NBCRNA is committed to ensuring a smooth 2-year Check-in process for all CRNAs and will provide regular updates and reminders. Find out more information on the process on the 2-year Check-in page, as well as CPC Program resources, videos, toolkit, and more.

Questions? Contact us at or 855-285-4658.


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CPC Program Calculator

Answer a few basic questions to find out your CPC Program timeline for the upcoming years as well as the date of your 2-year Check-in.


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2- year Check-in Advertisement

Download this 8.5" X 11" 2-year Check-in advertisement for use in your newsletters and other materials


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2-year Check-in Flyer

Share with your colleagues: download and print this 8.5" X 11" 2-year Check-in poster and post it in your break room.