Working Together to Inform Your Constituents

Welcome, State Associations! The NBCRNA recognizes the important role you play in connecting your state's CRNAs with each other and with the broader nurse anesthesia community, sharing valuable information related to their practice. We have developed this State Association Toolkit page to provide valuable content for your members and resources to help them on their path.

State Association Newsletters

Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program

Each of your members are enrolled in the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program which provides CRNAs with opportunities for professional growth. CRNA Professionals around the United States are recognized as some of the most qualified anesthesia experts in healthcare today and many of them are your members. Members like to stay connected to their State Association to receive the latest information regarding their credential and their career. Get your news from NBCRNA and share with your constituents. 

Did you know that CRNAs in your State are eligible to receive credits by attending a CPC Program Presentation at your next State Association Meeting? Invite your current and future members to your next State Meeting to earn Class A and B Credits. Request a complimentary CPC Program Expert to attend your next State Meeting and announce this opportunity on your website or in your next newsletter. Check out the CPC Speaker request form and other informative CPC resources below.

CPC Program Brochure

Educate your members on the 8-year CPC cycle with the CPC Program Brochure, specifically designed to break down each component of the program, providing visuals, FAQs and a full glossary.


CPC Assessment Content Outline

The CPC Assessment Content Outline breaks down the content in the performance standard assessment.


CPC Timeline

It’s easy to lose track of time. Provide your members with this timeline which provides personalized feedback and important due dates.


3-Minute Guide to the CPC Program

Busy? Watch this quick video to learn everything about the CPC Program.


CPC Program Resources and Your Members Next Steps

The certification renewal application window (formerly "recertification") will open on April 14, 2020 for many of your members. Those who recertified or initially certified in 2016 will be reaching the end of their first four-year CPC Program cycle and will receive notices from the NBCRNA if they are due to renew their certification. At this first renewal, the CRNA will confirm that they have earned 60 Class A and 40 Class B credits. Core Modules are voluntary for this first CPC Program cycle and they will also not need to take the CPC Assessment until their second 4-year CPC cycle. Many CRNAs have expressed uncertainty as to when they are due to complete the certification renewal application. Help your constituents stay on track with the helpful resources and links below.

3-Minute Guide to the CPC Program Fundamentals

This short animation provides an overview of the key concepts of the CPC Program. It reviews some of the history of the changes to the NBCRNA's recertification program and outlines the components.