Continued Professional Certification (CPC)




July 10, 2014

The NBCRNA sought applications from both certified registered nurse anesthetists and PhD scientists to serve on 4 newly formed CPC Core Module Recognition Panels.


June 26, 2014

The NBCRNA has provided an update to the CPC Core Modules RFP. The updated RFP webinar slides and FAQs are posted HERE​.


June 10, 2014

The NBCRNA posted a full suite of updated resources about the CPC Program including FAQs, refined timeline, graphs and a new brochure. Please visit the links on the navigation bar on the left to review the latest information about the future of certification for nurse anesthetists.


March 25, 2014

The NBCRNA hosted a webinar on March 25th to address questions potential providers may have had about the development of the competency modules that will be a core component to the Continued Professional Competency (CPC) Program being implemented in 2016.

November 26, 2013 

Last fall, the NBCRNA announced a series of recommendations made by the committee of practicing nurse anesthetists who have been charged with developing recommendations for the CPC program. Now we are asking for your feedback.


The NBCRNA has assembled a survey to allow all nurse anesthetists to provide input on the CPC program recommendations. None of the CPC details will be officially finalized until after the nurse anesthetist community has had the opportunity to provide feedback. As of November 25, the survey is closed, but questions and feedback may be submitted at any time to

Click HERE to learn more about the CPC recommendations.


June 6, 2013

The CPC Committee recently provided an update to the NBCRNA Board of Directors regarding the CPC Subcommittees' work to date concerning the CPC program beginning 2016.

Click HERE to read the complete report.