Continued Professional Certification (CPC)

CPC Program




The NBCRNA has refined the CPC Program, with input from the AANA, CE vendors, relevant experts and practicing nurse anesthetists.
The continuing education requirements, formerly known as “Assessed CEs” and “Professional Activity Units,” will now simply be referred to as “Class A Credits” and “Class B Credits,” respectively. Class A Credits will refer to pre-approved continuing education activities with an assessment that demonstrates learning, and Class B Credits will include a broad range of activities that result in the enhancement of a nurse anesthetist’s foundational knowledge of nurse anesthesia practice, support patient safety, or foster the nurse anesthetist’s understanding of the broader healthcare environment.
A second change is that the term “diagnostic examination” will not be used when referring to the initial administration of the examination required under the CPC Program. The initial administration of the CPC examination will not be pass/fail, and will be helpful in identifying areas in which a given nurse anesthetist might benefit from improving his or her knowledge.
We have placed helpful information about the elements of the program, along with answers to commonly asked questions, in this section of the website. We’ve posted a simple “CPC Calculator” on the site to help individual nurse anesthetists see exactly how the program will work depending on when they are due to certify, and a new video that provides an overview of the program.  
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