The NBCRNA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that four subcommittees have been assembled to continue the development of the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program details.  The subcommittee members were selected from a pool of 85 highly qualified applicants from the call for volunteers.  The appointment of these subcommittees begins the next exciting phase in the development of the Program. The four subcommittees, Recertification Examination, Competency Modules, Continuing Education and Professional Activity Units, and Reentry and Audit, are tasked with further specifying operational details in each topical area and identifying implementation timelines. The recommendations of these subcommittees will be presented back to the NBCRNA Board of Directors for adoption into the Program.


Please join me in welcoming our new subcommittee members. Below you will find a list of the members of each committee, their primary anesthesia role (educator or practitioner), their state of residence and their year of graduation from a nurse anesthesia program.


Continuing Education and Professional Activity Units:

​Terry Wicks, MHS, CRNA, Chair Practitioner​ ​NC 1986​
Thomas Davis, PhD, CRNA​ ​Educator ​VA 1997​
​Maria Poepsel, MSN, CRNA, APRN ​Practitioner MO​ 1994​
​Larell Fineren, MTS, CRNA Practitioner​ CA​ 1976​
​Michael Anderson, MSN, CRNA Practitioner​ IA​ 2008​
​Kristen Starnes-Ott, PhD, CRNA Educator​ TX​ 2000​


Competency Modules:

​Robert Hawkins, DNP, MS, MBA, CRNA, Chair Educator​ VA​ 2000​
​Kelli Pryor, DNP, CRNA Practitioner​ MO​ 2005​
​Phyllis Pedersen, DNP, CRNA Educator​ LA​ 1985​
​Dayna Seguin, MSN, CRNA Practitioner​ NC​ 2011​
​Mary Wojnakowski, PhD, CRNA Educator/Practitioner​ AZ​ 1991​
​Jose Castillo, MSNA, CRNA, ARNP ​Educator FL​ ​2007



​Robyn Ward, MS, CRNA, Chair Practitioner​ MT​ 2000​
​Michael Boytim, EdD, CRNA Educator​ CA​ 1984​
Christopher Oudekerk, DNP, CRNA​ Practitioner​ VA​ 2001​
​Garrett Peterson, DNP, CRNA ​Practitioner MN​ 2003​
​Mark Haffey, MSN, CRNA Practitioner​ TN​ 2001​
Reentry and Audit:
​Steve Wooden, DNP, CRNA, Chair Practitioner​ NE​ 1982​
​Frank Titch, DNP, CRNA Educator​ NC​ 1984​
LaSonya Malbrough, DNP, CRNA​ Educator​ FL​ 2008​
Barbara Beyer, JD, CRNA​ Practitioner​ PA​ 1988​
​Linda Stone, MSN, CRNA Practitioner​ NC​ 1993​


Charles Vacchiano, PhD, CRNA

NBCRNA President