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 CPC Program Information for CE Vendors

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The Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program began on August 1, 2016 for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). Continued, or lifelong, learning is a key component of the CPC Program. As providers of continuing education (CE), the NBCRNA recognizes your critical role in this transition and the ongoing process that follows the transition. The information on this page is intended to provide information to answer your frequently asked questions, and provide resources as you think about how your CE programs will fit within the CPC Program framework.

About the CPC Program

The CPC Program is an 8-year program, comprising two 4-year CPC cycles. It consists of 4 major required components:

  • Class A credits (assessed CE): 60 credits every 4 years
  • Class B credits (professional development): 40 credits every 4 years
  • Core Modules*: 4 every 4 years (one in each of four core areas)
  • CPC Examination: Once every 8 years; meet the performance standard for the first examination

*Core modules will be an optional component for the first 4-year CPC cycle (2016-2020 or 2017-2021, depending on the certificant's recertification date).


The CPC Program began on August 1, 2016. Individual CRNAs will be enrolled into the program based on their original year of certification as detailed in the table that follows.



Currently Certify in

EVEN Years

ODD Years



Recertify with 40 CE credits earned over the prior 2 years, practice requirement, etc. (as you always have)

 Complete 2-year recertification

2014 - 2016

20 15 - 2017

8-Year CPC Program

60 Class A credits and 40 Class B credits required; Core Modules optional


4-Year CPC Cycle

2016 - 2020

2017 - 2021

60 Class A credits; 40 Class B credits, and 4 Core Modules; CPC Examination (performance standard)


4-Year CPC Cycle

2020 - 2024

2021 - 2025

8-Year CPC Program

60 Class A credits; 40 Class B credits, and 4 Core Modules


4-Year CPC Cycle

2024 - 2028

2025 - 2029

60 Class A credits; 40 Class B credit, and 4 Core Modules; CPC Examination (passing standard)


4-Year CPC Cycle

2028 - 2032

2029 - 2033


If you have questions about the CPC Program, please contact the NBCRNA by phone at 855-285-4658 or via email at cpcdiscovery@nbcrna.com

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